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About action camera flashlights


Very often you can shoot video with your action camera in the evening or at night. Or even underwater. As a rule, GoPro action cameras and similar models do not have their own small flashlights. Like smartphones, for example. And then additional accessories in the form of action camera flashlights come to the rescue. 

What it's for 

Flashlights are great for taking pictures in the evening or at night. They are not just small flashes like those on smartphones, they are powerful devices that usually have 3 to 100 diode or LED lights.  Flashlights use built-in batteries that can be recharged.

How to use

As a rule, the action camera flashlight is attached to the tripod, and the flashlight itself is already set to a flashlight camera


As a rule, the body of the flashlights is made of high quality strong plastic. With additional rubber fasteners. The transparent glass is made of thick plastic.The LED lamps inside the action camera flashlights  are designed so that if one fails, the others will work. If you are planning to buy a diving flashlight, don't worry water will not get inside the flashlight as they have the highest degree of protection against moisture.  Flashlights that have a replaceable battery are always with waterproof rubber pads and they have a USB charging port. 


Basically, the models differ only in the number of LED lights. Some flashlights have a removable battery, some are only suitable for charging.  Devices with a removable battery are very convenient for travel because you can immediately replace a dead battery. But they tend to be larger in size.  

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