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This is an amazing store! I bought a charger and 3pcs batteries for GoPro Hero 7 Black Each battery lies in its own box and is sealed in film! The charger comes with a short USB Type-C cable and is neatly tucked into an imitation leather case. This is a very nice bonus. The action camera took these batteries like a native. The sizes fit exactly.

Why our customers love us

Delivery is fast, packing is good, inside everything without damage. All according to the description. The only thing that the smell from everything is very strong, while I put ventilated, and so I recommend)

Why our customers love us

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Actioncamerazone.com is the modern store of action cameras, accessories for sports cams, drones, and other sports electronics in the world. On the first place for us, is the quality products and high level of customer service. We know that today, accessories for action cameras are very popular among fans of video recording. Action camera accessories are universal and suitable for devices of any brand and useful for underwater filming, skydiving, motorcycle and even walking day with the kids. 
No restrictions! Special devices for underwater photography, monopods, batteries, and chargers. Electronic stabilizers for those who want to get a professional video, illumination for cameras Xiaomi and GoPro. And if you have something broken, we have spare parts for GoPro.
How to open up new possibilities for the device? Simple! You can choose a category and device. We have these propositions: GoPro Hero 8 Accessories, GoPro Hero 9 Accessories, Sony Camera Accessories, Eken, and DJI sport cam accessories. Also, you can find reviews about action cameras.

Action Cameras

In our list of top sports cams from GoPro and Sony. But we can offer cool and quality cams, like Keelaed, Xiaomi, Dragon Touch, Eken, and SJCam. All of these cameras have cool video quality and the best price. If you want to choose the best action camera 2021 year, we can help. 

Action Camera 4k+

You can also find 4K cams. They are capable of capturing 4096 x 2160 at 25 FPS, and 1920 x 1080 at 60 FPS. The main representatives are Xiaomi Yi action camera,  Osmo action 2, Sjcam sj8 pro 4k, tomtom bandit 4k.  Also with these cameras, you can take photos with a resolution of more than 16 megapixels.

Action camera body mount

To feel the freedom and at the same time to record gorgeous footage, it’s not just words, but a very real state, which can provide a special mount on the chest. But how is it possible? You can continue to lead an active life and at the same time capture it all on video thanks to a special accessory: 

  • shoulder strap;
  • harness on the backpack;
  • a special wide base on the chest, on which later the camera is mounted.

Each accessory has carabiners, with which you can adjust to the right size. Material, high-quality hypo-allergenic polyurethane, which means without problems you can wear it on the naked body. As a result, that you can fix the descent on the board or skis, or run in the park or in the woods. If you choose an action camera body mount, you will find that the camera is located at a comfortable height: a nice and proper viewing angle for the eyes. Fixing the action camera is easy enough, also applies to the ability to remove the Folds quickly enough, soft straps do not take up much space in a special case.

Action camera head mount

Yes, we agree that this accessory looks fun, but if you need freedom and excellent quality of shooting, then without an action camera head mount you can’t do it. For example, you are surfing, or climbing rocks.  The most important feature is that you will not miss wonderful shots, because the action camera will shoot exactly what you see, wherever you turn your gaze. This is the most important difference from other accessories. 

In our store, you can find several different head mounts and read reviews. 

Material, high-quality hypoallergenic polyurethane, which means you can put it on your head without any problems. Head mount has a compact size and is very easy to fold. 

Here are the reviews our customers write:

  • Good bandage, strong elastic band, comfortable length regulators, anti-slip inserts. The parcel was not tracked, it came within a month. They did not communicate with the store.
  • Good product recommended. It fits tightly to the head.

Action Camera Clips and holders 

We are pleased to present you with a large selection of action camera clips and holders and other GoPro accessories. We know that the sports camera tripod is a very popular solution, but the monopod does not allow you to get a high-quality image, because your hands are constantly busy The difficulty of using such accessories for fixing GoPro is focused on these points:

  • Fixation in your hands and as a consequence limitation in movement
  • Narrow view and shooting angles

But a comprehensive set of mounts such as adhesive mounts, backpack clips, head bracket mounts will help you. You can choose from a clip-on type mount. You can mount your action camera to a bag, backpack, or just to your clothes. No need to worry, the camera will be in place. Also, you can find adhesive 3m mounts to fix your camera in the most unusual places, such as car doors.

Action Camera Protection

One of the questions that owners of action cameras ask themselves is whether it is necessary to buy protection. We can help you find answers to this question and choose the best option. For example, additional protective glass can be added to the camera screen and provide full protection from moisture, scratches, chips, and cracks. It will be useful to choose a case and a box protector for your action camera. We have a wide selection of these additions. To begin with, you will need to decide whether you want a silicone camera case to protect your action camera from drops and dust. Or do you need an extra waterproof plastic case for immersion in water?

Here you will find:

  • screen protectors for GoPro, Sony, Eken, and other
  • silicone cases
  • Protective cases

Action Camera Bags and Cases

We have a wide variety of cases for you to choose from. Many of them are generally waterproof and shock-resistant. You can safely take your action camera on vacations with water activities by putting it in the case. Inside, the case is divided into zones that you can adjust yourself and comfortably accommodate your camera and accessories. Usually, there are also additional pockets on the lid of the case.

Action Camera Flashlight

Nighttime photographers, divers, and other people who want to capture the beauty of dark places will need a flashlight with GoPro light mounts or those that can be used for deep-sea diving. For example, if you’re using the camera at 10 meters below water level (or greater), it’s important not only to have good visibility but also to keep your equipment together while holding up both light and camera. Products available in our store actioncamerazone.com are equipped with removable batteries so they can last longer than normal flashlights when running on their highest settings—”night mode”—as well as durable materials like aircraft aluminum alloy housing which make them waterproof despite being easy enough to hold onto even after long hours underwater!

Action Camera Selfie sticks and Monopods

Action Camera selfie sticks and monopods are great solutions for both professionals and amateurs who don’t have enough platforms that come with their action cams, or if they get damaged for various reasons. At us, you can find a lot of different models at a reasonable price. They have so many advantages, for example: 

  • Quick fixation on flat and spherical surfaces;
  • Resistant to various aggressive factors;
  • Can be attached to wood, metal, and plastic

The most important advantage is that it is based on 3M adhesive tape, which is not afraid of moisture, contact with water, low and high temperatures. As a rule, the action camera sticks are a versatile and lightweight accessory, weighing 250 grams, which can be put in a backpack or small bag. The handle monopod made of anti-slip and water-repellent coating, the length can be adjusted from 23 to 56 cm. The main advantage of the tripod mount, it’s used as a selfie stick at the maximum length and creation of the frame with a wide angle of view. Another of the main functions of the selfie stick is the ability to transform into a tripod. In a couple of seconds, you can turn the stick into a tripod and allows you to shoot with your hands free. The selfie stick legs are magnetic and additionally hold the support. Shoot in any convenient place, the main thing is to find a flat, level place so the tripod feels confident on the surface. In our store, you can find selfie stick for GoPro, Sony, DJI, Keelead, and Eken

Action Camera Batteries and Chargers

These accessories will help you charge two batteries in a short time from any device that has a USB output. Action camera chargers are usually rectangular in shape, which allows you to place them compactly on tables, shelves, the floor, or any other suitable surface. The black plastic housing of the charger does not attract dust and is easy to clean.

  • As for the extra batteries, you can also find them in the package.
  • They are of high quality and reliability. 

The working time of the camera with a fully charged battery is no more than 1.5 hours. The extra time will give you a huge advantage because the shooting can go twice or three times longer and not stop at the most interesting moment. ActionCameraZone can help you find the best GoPro Charger,  GoPro batteries, and other accessories for sport cameras.

Action Camera Microphone attachment 

One of the necessary accessories for an action camera is a microphone. We can suggest mic adapter for GoPro, Sony, DJI, Kellead K80, and Eken. There are many different options on the market, from devices that can be connected to the action camera to special camera cases. The cases have special outputs for connecting a microphone and additional accessories. This is useful if you are a blogger and constantly filming other people and recording their voices. 

The role of accessories for action cameras

Today, accessories for action cameras are very popular among fans of video recording. Initially, the choice of such cameras was not particularly great, because the world market was only able to be only one manufacturer – the GoPro brand. However, a significant disadvantage was the high cost of the product and not many had the opportunity to buy it. But now many other brands produce them, such as Sony, Xiaomi, SJCAM, and others.

These same companies produce the accessories needed to make the angles more interesting and the gadget last longer. For the most part, they are universal and suitable for devices of any brand. Inventions are useful for underwater filming, skydiving, motorcycle rides. They make it more convenient to use and open up new possibilities for the device.



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