Exploring GoPro Charging Tools: Battery Chargers, Power Supplies, and External Power

In this article, we want to show you some of our favorite tools to use to charge your GoPro camera. So you can spend less time charging and more time filming 🙂

So let’s check it out!

Of course, you can use the USB cable that came with your camera to plug it into a computer or charger adapter.

After a couple of hours, your camera will be charged and you’re good to go. But we want to show you some of our other favorite power sources that are safe to use other power sources сharging your GoPro.

Now the first really important thing is to make sure that you’re using the right output on whatever charger you’re using. Because using the wrong output can fry the camera’s battery by overheating it. The GoPro Hero 5 through 8 are compatible with 5 volts of output and 1 to 2 amps. So when you use chargers such as a wall charger or a car charger you want to make sure that that charger has got 5 volts and 1 to 2 amp output.

Wall charger

So besides using a computer, you could also, use a wall charger like this one iPhone Wall Charger (5V/1A), which is for an iPhone.


This wall charger is for the iPhone 10 and older and outputs 5 volts and 1 amp. So it’s compatible with the GoPro’s battery. You just should read on the charger to check for that voltage.

Car Socket Charger

You can also use the cable plugged into a Car Socket Charger.


A car charger like UGREEN Car Charger, for example, has two USB ports. One is 5 volts and 2 amps. So you can use that to charge your GoPro’s battery without causing any harm. This is a great way to charge your camera on the go so you can have it in your car and it charging while you’re driving from one spot to the next.

USB Power Bank

Another power source you can use is a portable USB power pack. Baseus-Power-Bank-2000If you just want to make sure that the output is right for GoPro because most of the outputs on these are a little bit high for a GoPro battery and you don’t want to overheat your battery. Baseus Power Bank has two output ports and one of the output ports is 5 volts and 1,5 amps. So that’s totally compatible with your GoPro’s battery and you can go ahead and charge your camera using this port.

Dual-purpose Action Camera Flashlight

Some portable USB power chargers such as Ulanzi Vijim VL120 Action Camera Flashlight are dual-purpose.


This one is a panel light that is excellent for filming or adding some light to your photos when you’re using your GoPro, but it also serves as a power pack because you can charge your GoPro using the USB port. The panel outputs 5 volts and 2 amps so you’re good to go with charging your GoPro using this power port.

Battery Charger

So there’s another way to charge your camera batteries. And that’s a better option than charging it when it’s in your camera which is to charge your battery using a battery charger for HERO 5/6/7/8/9/10/11, GOPRO MAX:

batery charger

If you just go ahead and pick up a spare battery or two then you can charge your batteries in this battery charger while you’re using your camera with the other battery that way when one of the batteries goes dead you can just come in swap it out and go back out and start filming gives you a lot of flexibility and a lot of freedom to use your camera and not have to worry about battery life.

The most obvious choice for a battery charger is GoPro’s battery charger. So you can use the same cable to plug this into one of the power devices we showed you like a wall charger a power pack or a car charger. You can charge two, three, or four batteries at a time using this battery charger. The great thing about this is it’s durable.

So you’ve got that couple extra batteries you can swap out when you’re filming.

Telsin Battery Charger

Another cheaper option is this TELESIN Port Charger (USB). It’s a three-port charger so you can charge up to three batteries at once.

3 channel charger

You can also use the same cable that connects your GoPro to plug it into one of the power sources. This is a nice simple no-frills option and it’s pretty cheap.

Action Camera Battery Charging Case

And this one is another excellent option that we like to use – Telesin Action Camera Battery Charging Case (USB).

extra bateries

It’s got a three-battery charger for your GoPro batteries. It also has two spots to hold extra Micro-SD cards which is really convenient. If you forget a Micro-SD card say you were offloading footage in your computer you can have an extra one stored in here.

case with sd card

And then you’ve always got a card on you you can also put a micro sd card in this slot here connect it to your computer and offload your footage directly using this device.

Another great thing is you can just close it up it’s waterproof you can put in your backpack or clip it on your backpack you’re ready to go with your extra batteries and your Micro-SD cards.

As far as the actual camera battery goes the camera battery for the Hero 5 through the Hero 8 is the same size. One thing to be aware of is that GoPro updated the camera battery for the Hero 8 Black so it can keep up with the high-performance settings on that camera and the Hero 8 Black battery has a blue stripe on the bottom of it.

You can use that in some of the older cameras but if you want to use the older batteries from the Hero 5 /6 or 7 in the Hero 8 Black. Some of those features might not work such as Hypersmooth 2.0.

Also, some other companies make batteries for GoPro cameras. Some of them work well, but some of them don’t. If you have the option, just go with the GoPro battery because they’re not that expensive and they’re made to be compatible with the GoPro cameras.

Fast Charger

Voltme also makes a Fast Charger that outputs more output than the 5-volt 2 amp that they recommend for your camera and they say it’s tested for GoPro and it’s safe to use.

So if you want a faster charger you can use this one. Another good thing about this charger is that if you’re traveling internationally and you want to plug your GoPro into a wall socket. This is compatible with all of the voltages around the world.

Now if you want to power your camera with a power source while you’re recording, the best thing to do is use a USB power pack. And then you can just use the USB cable to plug it into your camera and your camera will run off that battery for as long as there’s power in the USB power pack.

On the Hero 5 through 7 you can just take off the side door and plug the USB port in and you’ve got easy access to that port there. On the Hero 8 Black you can either take the door off and just make sure that battery is in there.

Side Door For the GoPro

If you want another option, Telsin is a company that made another side door for the Hero 9/10/11.

That’s got an opening for the USB-c port and it holds the battery in there securely while your USB cable is plugged in. So that’s a great option to use if you’re going to be doing some long time lapses and want to be able to access that USB port.

Be sure to check out the book for your camera on Actioncamerazone 🙂 if you haven’t already. Thanks for reading and have fun filming.


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