How to Attach an Action Camera to Your Body – select the appropriate option

How to Attach an Action Camera to Your Body - select the appropriate option - 1

Capturing the perfect angle while maintaining safety is arguably one of the most difficult things about using an Action camera – but it’s totally worth it for that sweet shot! Selfie sticks 🤳 and camera holders are both viable options, but they unfortunately can get in the way more than they help.

Action cameras have made it easier than ever to capture unique and memorable angles – no matter if you show yourself in the shot or not! But, how can you make sure you get the best out of your camera?

Here are some amazing ideas on how to mount an action camera on your body right now! 😁

Hat Clip Mount

If you are an avid lover of hats and want a convenient way to mount your camera, the Quick-Clip is an incredibly useful accessory. This clip-on hat mount easily slides onto the bill of your hat, keeping your camera at eye level and securely mounted while allowing you to quickly and easily remove it with a simple slide. The Quick-Clip is an invaluable tool for any hat enthusiast looking to capture their experiences in a more convenient way.

Action Camera Hat Cap

Another convenient option is Action Camera Cap Strap with Quick Release Buckle for easy mounting and dismounting. It is the perfect accessory for action camera users who want to show off their exploits without having to worry about losing their cameras.

  • The Classic Helmet Mount

How to Attach an Action Camera to Your Body - select the appropriate option - 2

Helmet mounts remain popular for a reason – they work! If you’re an action enthusiast and are wearing a helmet anyway, then a good helmet mount will keep the camera out of your way while you focus on getting the best results from your efforts.

Helmet mounts come in two forms – a straight adhesive, and a curved model that fits the curvature of the helmet. The straight mount is better suited to flat surfaces, so go with the curved one for a more secure fit. This will ensure your camera stays put even during demanding activities!

Vamson Head Strap mount

If you don’t want to bother with a helmet or hat, an Elastic Head Strap Mount is the perfect alternative. It’s secure and comfortable and allows you to get the job done without having to worry about any extra hassle! The elastic straps can be quite uncomfortable around the hard plastic camera mount – especially when adjusted to fit tightly. It can lead to a major headache after crashing. Despite this, they are still useful and get the job done!

Mask Mount for GoPro Osmo Action SJCAM EKEN Insta360 Action Camera

The Mask Mount is an incredibly popular tool amongst scuba divers looking to mount a camera for a first-person Point of View (POV). One of the most sought-after models is the OctoMask, which features an innovative design that places the mount at the top center of your scuba mask for maximum stability and convenience. This tool provides incredible value and is considered essential for any underwater videographers who want to capture their dives with ease!

TELESIN Bite Mount for Action Camera

The bite mount is a unique and inventive way to capture an accurate 1st person point of view. It’s been designed to fit snugly in your mouth so you can bite down on it and secure the camera in place. The Bite Mount is now a popular choice for POV footage and is especially favored by surfers and skydivers. Its floaty attachment even allows the camera to stay afloat when the surfer wipes out in a large wave! Wiping out can be a daunting proposition, but with the help of a gel mount guard, you can rest easy knowing your teeth are safe! It may take some time to find the camera while out on the water, but it’s worth it in the end!

The Chest Mount

Referred to as “The Chesty,” a Chest Mount is a more involved mount compared to others, as the athlete must wear an elastic harness around their torso that securely holds the action camera on the chest for an ideal shooting experience. It’s perfect for capturing dynamic shots and gives you incredibly unique footage that you otherwise can’t get with other mounts. Absolutely! Taking a lower angle can be great, but it is important to make sure that the camera is properly angled when snowboarding. Using a chest mount can often be ideal since it won’t be blocked by one’s arms or any other harnesses.

The chest mount offers convenience, but it can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, many of these mounts come with pads to make the hard plastic portion more comfortable to wear.

The Shoulder Mount

Get ready to capture amazing shots with the Shoulder Mount! This camera mount is similar to the chest mount but is attached to your shoulder so you get a hands-free experience and can take shots from any angle. Plus, it’s super easy and comfortable to use – perfect for anyone who wants professional-quality photographs! Snowboarders might not find this useful, but a biker definitely would! Though, it can be as restrictive as the chest mount.

Action Camera Backpack Clip Clamp Mount

Looking for something a bit different? A Backpack Mount is perfect! It works in the same way as a shoulder mount but is attached to your backpack strap. It’s even more convenient than a chest mount, plus you can take it off easily without having to remove the harness. The backpack option is great for those who don’t like the feel of a tightly strapped harness. It offers freedom of movement, meaning you can move your torso without feeling restricted when you reach for that tail grab!

The Wrist (or Hand) Mount

The wrist mount is an incredibly exciting invention! With this device, all you need to do is point and shoot – wherever your hand points, the camera follows! It’s a great way to make capturing moments easier. Wrist mounts are ideal for those looking to capture perfect selfies while in the air! Not only do they provide a 360-degree rotating platform, but they also let you capture shots from a natural position, which is great for skydiving or taking breathtaking aerial images.

Action Camera Hand Grip Diving Stick

Ever wished you could shoot video hands-free while surfing, cliff diving, or dancing? With Hand Grip Diving Stick for Action Camera now you can! Reach higher heights with this ultra-lightweight, easy setup Camera accessory. The adjustable angle of this gadget suits nearly any photo-op. Ideal for snorkelers too: switch to the underwater mode by filling both ends of the suction cup with water for a secure fit.

Finger Grip Mount for an Action Camera

A finger grip mount provides a familiar feeling for those accustomed to using a firearm, except this time you’re holding the camera instead! This design is very convenient and effective for capturing the perfect shots. A finger grip mount with a fixed grip and half-round clip offers stability and security to ensure that your camera won’t move or slip away from its intended target. With this, you can point the camera anywhere with confidence. The finger grip offers an incredible articulation range of 120°, ideal for fine-tuning the angle of your shots! The only downside is that it’s designed mainly for Sony action cameras. But don’t worry, you can also get an optional LCD screen with it!

Ulanzi GP-16 Magnetic Action Camera Quick Release Bracket

The Magnetic Mount can be a great choice if you are looking to capture moments of peace, serenity & leisure like in a lake or park setting. However, it may not be ideal for all types of extreme sports or action-oriented applications. The magnetic mount has two strong magnetic plates and is so versatile that it can be attached to anything – clothing, bags, hats, you name it! The dual-magnetic design also makes it super secure and you don’t need to worry about the lightweight action camera weighing things down.

Action Camera Accessories Kit

Universal Accessories Set for Action Cameras includes a variety of sports camera accessories for your different needs and are made with high-quality material for safety, durability, and professionalism. By choosing this universal set, you make a good choice for all occasions.

Final thoughts

You have so many ways to mount your action camera on yourself, enabling you to capture life’s moments with an amazing first-person perspective. There are virtually no limits when it comes to the angles you can use! As we progress, more and more accessories for securing the action camera to any part of your body are sure to become available. No matter where you place the action camera, it will stay securely in place!

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