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The manufacturer is China. This company is gradually becoming a very popular brand and quite well they can compete even with more famous brands. In addition, the price of the action camera models is very different in comparison with others. But despite the price, shooting quality, extension and viewing angle is not worse than in more expensive models. Of course, auxiliary elements and accessories are not always included, but for its cost the camera will bring a lot of fun.  


Well, of course, to talk about action camera without mentioning the "leaders" in the world of extreme cameras - impossible at all. There is no model, but a real breakthrough in this area. It has already implemented two displays in one device - front and main. Touch control, wind noise reduction, bluetooth, internet access and all this combined with, of course, perfect shooting quality as well as a good battery. And whichever model you choose, you can be sure that it will be not just an action camera, but a real dream. But these devices are designed mainly for fans of this technique and professionals in the field of such filming. And given all this combination of factors, the highest cost on the market is justified.  


Is another analogue that is increasingly conquering fans of modern gadgets. Of course, the models of this manufacturer are somewhat inferior to the two previous brands, but the model range is quite wide and in the range you can easily choose quite a good device. The great news is that you get such a device together with the accompanying accessories, which is very happy for customers. Manufacturers, in this way, very much increase the loyalty of the audience to themselves. Mountings, tripods, protection, clamp. No manufacturer can boast of such generosity as this. Very good selection of action cameras, the price corresponds to the quality. 


Action camera from this manufacturer enter into the fight for the title of the best in the market in the category of budget. Indeed, here the developers realize the most daring ideas and in spite of the fact that they use quite a high-quality material for production, they manage to keep quite loyal and, we can say, have an absolutely affordable price tag. The list of benefits with this action cmera is very large. Sony wins with the original design, improved ergonomics, long battery life. Excellent quality shockproof housing, modern stabilizers, which allows you to make good records even at high speed. In general, so far only advantages.

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