Action Camera Body Mount


About Action Camera Body mount

 It is a device necessary for attaching the action camera to the middle of your body. As a rule, it consists of hypoallergenic plastic bindings and wear-resistant nylon straps. Often, tapes are covered with anti-slip coating, so nothing will come off and you do not lose your action camera.  

What it's for 

This body mount is great for extreme sports like skiing, cycling, motocross or paddle sports. In short, wherever it is necessary that your hands are absolutely free and you can concentrate on the case. Body mount for your action camera is more convenient than, for example, using a head mount. Because of the high risk of losing your action camera. But if you use a body mount, you are always in control. 


As a rule, an action camera body mount is made of flexible nylon material, you can easily put it on and adjust it to your size. Changing the size is something similar to adjusting your backpack straps :) To finish securing the harness, close the plastic lock until you hear a click. Now the accessory is ready to attach the action camera. Depending on the type body mount you can fix your action camera with all sorts of mounts such as quick release, j-hook and other screw mounts. 


There are so many kinds of body mounts. For example mount for two shoulders and placing the camera in the middle. Also in our action camera store you can buy a mount with the camera placement on one shoulder. An interesting would be a body mount in the form of a belt. The most incredible thing is that you can find a body mount for the dog. Perhaps your four-legged friend will become a famous blogger:) 


Basically, these things consist of the same high-quality materials, such as stretchy strong nylon or lycra, and hypoallergenic plastic. The only difference may be in the design, for example, the tape is not black but gray. 

Action camera models

Action camera body mounts are great for all action camera types. Here is a short list of them:  GoPro all series, even 9, Osmo Action, Insta360, Xiaomi Yi action camera, SJCAM.

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