Action Camera Head Mount


About action camera head mount

This accessory is needed to fix the action camera on your head or helmet. As a rule, it consists of hypoallergenic plastic bindings and durable nylon straps. Often, tapes are covered with anti-slip coating, so nothing will come off and you do not lose your action camera.  There are also options in the form of a cap on which you can attach your action camera. So you do not look ridiculous:)

What it's for

Action camera head mount is great for any sport where you want your hands absolutely free and you need to concentrate on the case. For example walking, swimming, biking, skateboarding or even scuba diving. 


Action camera head mount is made of sturdy nylon material, you can easily put it on and adjust it to your size. The main feature is the anti-slip coating on the inside so you don't lose your action camera. To finally secure the harness, close the plastic lock until it clicks into place. The accessory is now ready to mount your action camera. Depending on the type head mount you can fix your action camera with all kinds of fasteners such as quick release, j-hook and other screw mounts.  


Mount for head comes in several kinds. As a rule, it is several nylon tapes that connect the plastic fasteners.  In our store you can find and mount in the form of a cap. It is very convenient and looks nice.  


Basically action camera head mounts consist of the same high-quality materials. Such as, stretchy strong nylon or lycra, and hypoallergenic plastic, of which the lock and camera mount are made. Differences may be only in design, for example ribbons are not in black but in gray.  The cap with the mount is made of strong fabric and is perfectly washable. 

For which Action cameras is it good for?

Head mount from actioncamerazone.com is great for all action cameras. Here is a small list of them:  GoPro all series, even 9, Osmo Action, Insta360, Xiaomi yi action camera, SJCAM.

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